Student Dissertation review

What we do:¬†Yakells also provides editorial and review services for a student’s dissertation. We have personal experience – my master’s degree dissertation was on the ‘Funding of the Pharmaceutical Industry by the NHS’. Our experience in reviewing reports in a wide variety of sectors helps us to work in different disciplines.

How we do it: Based close to the University of Essex, we prefer to meet with students to discuss exactly what is required. Some clients may simply require proofreading and minor editing work, others may wish for more work on grammatical errors and language. That said any work we do (usually via track changes in MS Word) would only be in line with the University code for proofreading. We also know students are cost-conscious and so would normally agree a rate/fixed cost based on a discount to the Society of Editors and Proofreaders recommended rates.

Next step: If you are considering professional editing services for your dissertation, by all means call us for a preliminary chat (or email if you prefer). All our details are on the contact us page. If you choose not to use us, we wish you the very best for your dissertation and graduation.