Royal Bank of Scotland


“I worked with Michael throughout his 6 years at RBS (formerly ABN Amro). He has extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry; an excellent understanding of the companies he analyses and strong relationships with the clients he services. His style is objective, fundamental and comprehensive. Michael was a total pleasure to work with and highly respected by both clients and colleagues for his professional approach and personable nature.”

MD at RBS, now European Equity Sales Exane

“Michael presents investment ideas exceptionally well to generalists and specialists alike and understands what it takes to differentiate his team’s product.”

MD at RBS, currently Director of EMEA at Guidepoint Global.

“Michael is an excellent pharmaceutical analyst with a great grasp of company strategy and understanding of expectations built into the share price. He is objective in his research. He is a warm, caring and fair individual. I really enjoyed working with him – and appreciate him making me a better analyst.”

Director, Royal Bank of Scotland May 2012, Currently SVP at GE Capital